Frequently Asked Questions

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To access Jobs on the portal, create an account by clicking on the registration page, fill in your user account Name as your email account. (Ensure the email is correct since a confirmation link will be sent to the email before you log in) Ensure the Password you enter has the corect requirements as per the instructions on the page and remender it.
To Log into the account, ensure you have clicked and confirmed your activation/ confirmation link taht will redirect you to the Login Page. Enter you username and password as per your registration.
To change your password, ensure you are logged in first, then navigate to the aplications window and select Change Password. Enter your new password and confirm it in the seond passowrd area.Logout and the Log back in with your nwe credentials.
To Reset your password, click on forgot password link . Enter your email address to for a password reset link will be sent to your email. Click on the sent link in your email address and you be redirected to the enter a new password.
This message will appear if the system has been idle for over 30 minutes unutilized. Simply re-log into the system and resume your activity.